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Don’t be a moron.

I’m now 3 weeks into my new eating/fitness plan and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. I’m still trying to adjust to little things here and there, I think my mind has been a bit warped towards all the different diets I’ve tried in the past, so doing it this way has taken some getting used to, but I’m getting there. In the space of just three weeks I’ve lost just over 5lbs which I’m astonished with. I’ve been very self disciplined which I’ve struggled with. I’ve had to force myself to workout or go for a run, and I’ve relied heavily on my husband for support, but he’s been there for me, and I’m getting results.

I’m aware this is going to be a long journey, and as we approach the Christmas period, I’m conscious of all the extra food around me. Colleagues at work bringing in mince pies, the office Christmas party, team lunches. Then there’s all the chocolate which is just everywhere. But it really is simple. Eat a certain amount of calories, burn a certain amount of calories. I’m learning about different types of calories, I’m making sure I get more protein in my diet, and rather than cutting out fat and carbs, I’m just making sure I have the right amount.

The running is slowly coming back. I’ve had a bit of a lull as of late, but I signed up for a virtual medal thing a while ago to do x4 5ks in December. I just did my 4th tonight, with my lovely friend Janet. Our run tonight was lovely. I had my Christmas leggings on and she had her shiny Christmas bobble hat. We didn’t care about anyone else and just had a good natter (and a bit of a moan) and before we knew it we’d arrived back at my house.

With another 1lb loss today, I’m on a high and in the right frame of mind to attack this week with all I have. Here’s my plan:

Monday (today): Walk as much as possible, don’t over do it at team lunch, go for a run. Check!

Tuesday: No opportunity to run as Mike is away, as many steps as poss, eat properly, half an hour HIIT cardio once Leo in bed

Wednesday:Mike still away so still no running, be sensible, eat right, lots of steps. Lunchtime walk. HIIT weights once Leo is in bed.

Thursday: Christmas do. Office are downing tools at 3pm to start festivities in the office before heading over to the hotel across the road for our Christmas dinner and party. Could get messy. Remember not to drink too much. Allowed myself to go over my calories slightly if needed. Need to be sensible with my eating right up until Christmas festivities begin. Don’t be a moron.

Friday: Pretty much everyone will be either on AL or hung over. Get off the bus two stops early to get some steps in before work. Long lunchtime walk. Sensible food. Run 5k (or more) in evening.

Saturday: Maybe park run. Still undecided on this one, could be a good laugh as it’s the Christmas jumper one, will see if I can drag anyone along with me. If not, I’m not that fussed as I’ve earned my 5k medals now. As many steps as possible- a long walk perhaps? Sensible food choices, keep protein up and carbs a bit lower in preparation for Christmas carnage.

Sunday: Christmas Eve is not Christmas Day. There’s no need to go mental. There will be plenty of other Christmases where I can indulge and enjoy myself. I’m not allowed to be mental on food this year. As with Thursday, do not be a moron.

Monday: Christmas Day. You’ve got this. Turkey and veg etc aren’t actually that bad for you. Cake, chocs and crisps are. Everything in moderation. Don’t eat more than your body weight in celebrations. See if you can manage more than 5000 steps. Jump on the spot if you have to.

I’m feeling really up for this. I’ve been putting off saying this because it makes it real, but I’m really hoping to achieve my mini goal which I set myself three weeks ago, to lose half a stone by Christmas. Now that is almost a reality as I have just 1.2lbs to lose over the next week.

I’ve got this.

Me looking cheesy with my December 5k medals


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