Run Streak – The Update

On a bit of a high. I just love running…

After having a bit of a lull, and generally not managing to get my arse in gear over the last couple of days (it’s been hot and Leo’s been sick) I decided to put a post up on the FB page of my running group.

Here’s what I said:








I was looking for a few people to come out with me over the next few days to help me out. Sometimes it gets lonely on my own, and I struggle. I get bogged down by the hot weather and convince myself I don’t need to go far. Before I know it, I’ve only managed 1K and I’m heading home.

The response to this post was amazing. So many people came back to me and said when they were free this week, I think I’ve only got one day of running on my own. Just been out for a fab little run with one of the group already, got another on Wednesday, and then Thursday, a group run on Friday and someone is even joining me for my long run on Sunday morning, which is going to be incredibly early as it’s Leo’s birthday and I want to be home for breakfast.

This weekend marks a year since my running group’s graduation, where we all ran 5K for the first time together. I cannot believe we have all come so far. I cannot believe I have just ran for 10 days straight.


Wow. On a bit of a high now.





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