Getting Back On Track

Advance Notice: This post is almost completely about running.

I’ll get to what an epic week its been in a minute, but first, never one to shy away from a challenge – I’ve set myself another one! I’m planning on running every day in July! Also known as a ‘run streak’, I have a few friends who have tried this. Its going to be tough, but the great thing about it is there is only one rule and that is to run every day. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast: so if I’m having a crap day or just don’t have much time, I could just run up to the end of the road and back and that would be enough. I will have some serious runs too though as I am now in training mode for GNR 2017, so I will need to start upping my Sunday runs.

I’ve been out for the first July run yesterday just up and down a few roads near my house for 20 minutes.  My second is today, a longer run than yesterday, 8k planned. Eek!

Before I did the Sherwood Pines Half Marathon I entered myself into the Holme Pierrepont Grand Prix (HPGP). The HPGP is 4 events over a 2 week period. Week 1 Tuesday and Thursday is a 4 Mile run and a 10K run. Week 2 Tuesday and Thursday is a 5K Run and a 5 Mile run. I entered myself in knowing that it was shortly after the half marathon and would be a reason for me to keep going rather than giving up altogether. I’ve just completed the first two races in week 1, more of that in a minute..

On top of that I also entered myself into another 5K, which was Friday morning -this was the Sunrise 5K, where 1000 runners gathered in Nottingham City Centre at 5:30am to do a 5K run. It was a really lovely run, but I wasn’t overjoyed with getting up at 4am after only 5 hours sleep and a 10k the night before. I did it though!

The races themselves were really good, I even managed to pick up a couple of PBs; on Tuesday at the 4 mile race I got my 5K PB and on Thursday I got my 10K PB.

This week has been particularly difficult for me because I’ve been a lazy bugger in June and just wasn’t prepared at all for these races. As I say, I booked myself into the races as a way to keep myself going after the half marathon, but it didn’t really work. I seem to have had a mixture of writer’s block and runner’s block, didn’t want to do either. I’ve been in complete denial, with my head buried in the sand for the last month. I finished the Sherwood Pines half marathon on a high, promised myself I would keep on running. The races I booked have arrived, and I have barely trained. I must have been out a handful of times throughout June.

I’ve given myself another good talking to though, and I think I’m back on track now.

So onto the races..

The first race was Tuesday night, a 4 mile run around a country park. It was actually fun, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong it was absolute agony, but I felt awesome at the end, and so proud of myself for the pbs I picked up.

The second was 10k around Holme Pierrepont, a route which some people weren’t keen on, but suited me perfectly.

The Sunrise 5k was pretty immense too, a lot of runners all dressed in purple,(you had to wear the Sunrise 5k t-shirt to take part) and it was a really nice route- apart from the unwelcome hill at 4km!

GNR 2017 is creeping up on me too, very scared. At least I know what to expect this time though! I’ve got an 8k run planned for this evening to kick start my training, I think someone mentioned the other day that it’s only 10 weeks away, so it’ll be here before I know it!

So onwards and upwards, keep eating healthy food and run every day, how hard can it be?



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