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His Mother’s Son

Leo reminded me of me this morning. When we arrived at nursery he started playing on one of the ride on cars. He had fun playing ‘reversing into Mummy’ until I moved out of the way to let a little boy go past. I thought Leo had seen him but he just kept going and reversed into the little boy. 

The boy was fine, I told Leo to say sorry. Leo was so overwhelmed he clung onto me and let out a loud scream before crying uncontrollably. It all happened so quickly, one minute he was happy on his car, the next he was stuck to me like Velcro.

When I was a kid I was playing with my baby brother, I was 10 and Ally would have been a few months old, maybe 6 or 7 months.

I was swinging him in my arms like I’d seen my parents and older sisters doing, and I was showing off because friends were over. I went for one big swing. It back fired and Ally flew out of my arms. I remember this part so well because Ally was wearing a yellow cardigan which had been knitted for him and I tried to cling onto the wool as he flew out of my reach.

My reaction was exactly the same as Leo’s had been at nursery this morning. I ran to find my Mum and hid behind her. As it was, Mum was on her way down the stairs to find out why her baby was crying and what all the noise was about. I remember just cowering behind her on the stairs, crying, worried I’d hurt Ally.

Today, I’m not sure if Leo was crying because he was in shock, worried he might get in trouble or just overwhelmed and searching for the right emotion. He’s just like me in that respect, if I can’t find the right emotion in a situation, my default setting is to cry.

So don’t worry about it little lion man, it’s perfectly normal to be like your Mum. 

I certainly am.



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