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Prepared to be unprepared 

I *may* have mentioned that it’s my birthday soon and that I will be turning 30. I’m not that much of a drinker and I’m not planning a major night out. That’s just not really me.

I am planning a trip to York though. I’ve always wanted to visit York. In my head it’s a romantic city steeped in history and culture. I could have planned this little getaway as a mini holiday for Mike and I. I’m sure Mum or Mumma Ward would have been glad to have had Leo whilst we took a break, but I really want him to come along. My priorities have changed and what I want is a break, for all three of us. Leo probably needs a break away from it all just as much as we do!

So, the day before my birthday, we are getting the train (the train!!) to York, checking into our hotel and spending a couple of days enjoying my birthday away from it all.

I’ve been doing some planning ahead and trying to get a bit of an itinerary together, but I’ve had a good talk with myself (I do that) about how no matter how much I plan, I have a 2 (nearly 3!) year old, I need to be realistic and things may not go according to said plan.

So, here it is:

Plan: Arrive at the train station promptly, board the train, head off on our adventure together, one big happy family with smiles on our faces.

Leo might not fancy letting us leave the house on time. He might decide to throw himself on the floor for no reason. He might decide he needs to do a wee wee on the toilet as we are leaving the house. He might not want to walk to the train station which is five minutes away. He might scream his head off on the train. I’ll most likely be flustered.

We might just end up driving.

Plan: Arrive at hotel, check in, go for a short walk around the town, relax in room for a bit before having dinner at hotel.

Leo may decide to run around in the hotel lobby whilst mummy is trying to check in and daddy is struggling with the bags. Leo may need to be given some peppa pig raisins and a cheese dinosaur or two so that he sits down quietly for one sodding minute. Leo will inevitably ask mummy or daddy to “carry” or for a cuddle, this is just code for “I’m being really lazy and don’t want to walk anymore, you walk for me”. Leo will translate ‘relaxing in the room for a bit’ to ‘watching CBeebies in the room for a bit’. Leo will mess around at the dinner table until his food comes out then will say he doesn’t like it, but will eat it anyway. Leo will have several cups of orange juice and will probably wet through his nappy. Leo will throw his cup at some stage.

Plan: Settle Leo down for the night (he’s got the sofa bed), then kick back with the hubby and watch some tv shows/movies before getting a good nights sleep, the last night of my twenties.

Leo might decide it’s quite exciting being away from home and sharing a room with mummy and daddy, and that staying up is fun! He’ll probably ask for more orange juice before he finally falls asleep after 10pm. I’ll be too exhausted to watch a film and fall asleep.

Plan: Its morning! I’m thirty! Let’s get breakfast.

Leo decides he suddenly loves sleep and doesn’t want to get out of bed. Oh wait? Is that a TV in our room? Does it have CBeebies? Leo decides he wants porridge, then eats my breakfast.

Plan: Head out and do some sightseeing, hit some museums (with fun kids stuff obvs), grab some lunch, do some shopping, back to hotel for a Leo sized nap before heading out again for birthday meal.

I think I’ve planned this part rather well; aside from his normal drama, Leo might actually be alright on my birthday. I’ve found some places he’ll like and factored in a sleep in the day for him to recharge his batteries. I’ve got some good ideas for places to eat too!

See, I’m under no illusions that things will go according to plan, but to me it will still be perfect. I’m getting quite good at dealing with tantrums anyway.

It will be me and my two boys, enjoying ourselves together. That’s all that matters really.

I can’t flippin’ wait!


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