Sugar Update – The End is Nigh

I gave up all obvious sugars on 27th March, here’s how I’ve got on.

It’s been alright! Don’t get me wrong; I’ve hated petty much every second of it, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my will power and determination to not give in to all the sugary treats around me. I’ve had one or two slip ups, so you could say that I’ve not really completed the challenge properly. I can’t settle on a date for it to be finished, if it’s a month I’m doing, then I should continue to 27th April, but if it’s 4 weeks, well, that’s Monday! I can’t lie, I’m very tempted to call it a day now and go and buy a cake, but I feel I would regret that decision.

The only times I’ve really desperately wanted cake is when other people around me have had it- I don’t like feeling like I’m missing out. Also, I’m an emotional eater, so on those bad days, those down days, those days when you just want the ground to open up and swallow you, when you just can’t deal with all the shit; I’ve wanted more than anything at 10 o’clock at night to jump in my car and go to the nearest supermarket for some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! Oh man, Ben and Jerry’s…mmmm…

I’ve not lost any weight. I’ve been over compensating with salty foods, so I’m not surprised. 

Something which has taken me by complete surprise is the fact that I no longer need to have sweeteners in my tea, or any sugar for that matter. Quite a lot over bank holiday weekend, we were in places where there was only sugar available and no sweeteners, so I’ve just kinda got used to going without. Given the choice, and if I’m making my own tea, I’ll still put one sweetener in my tea, I can’t wholeheartedly say I love tea with no sweeteners in, but I can at least tolerate it now.

It’s been great having my Mum supporting me, for the first couple of weeks she was messaging me regularly to check what I had been eating and how I was getting along, I found this very useful! I can’t very well lie to my mother can I? So I had to be good, or confess…

What’s next?

I feel ready to stop the challenge now. I’ve proved to myself that I can give up bad foods and that I can say no when it’s all tempting me, and that’s all I really set out to do. I think I’ll give up sugar again, certainly not full time forever, but I would consider doing another month of quitting sugar, a bit like a mini detox.

Some people at work were talking about giving up swearing next. But what would the penalty be? I’m too skint to be putting a quid in a jar every time I slip up. Will need to mull that one over, any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Until next time…


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