No Sugar Update: 3 Weeks In

 Just a quick one tonight as I’m tired and a little grouchy…

Wow! Where did that three weeks go?

So I’ve been off obvious sugars now for three weeks, it’s been so difficult and I really am surprised I managed to get this far. I’ve done really well, and I am proud of myself. I’ve noticed a few things though:

I’m aware of everything

Despite my best efforts NOT to look at the labels on everything, that’s actually quite difficult to do. I’ve been extra careful with everything I’ve eaten and really have had barely any sugar.

Extra fruit and salt

As I don’t have sweet things to eat, such as my usual yoghurt after dinner, or several cookies a day at work; I’ve been eating much more fruit to satisfy my need for something sweet. I’ve also noticed that my salt intake has sky rocketed. At lunch time I’ve given up my sweet popcorn for salty popcorn (the sweet stuff is actually a bit healthier I think but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat something so sweet, it just felt wrong whilst on this challenge) and just generally reaching for savoury and salty foods.

I beat myself up a lot

I have had one or two slip ups. I went out with some people after work and had one pint of cider, I then obsessed over it at work the following day after I found out that it contained 5 tsps of sugar! Tonight I had a pudding too, after much holding back and not eating anything emptily sweet for three weeks, tonight I had a pudding, a fruit crumble to be precise, and I loved it.

I’m a bit grumpy 

Now I’m not convinced that this is anything to do with the sugar and more to do with my current circumstances, but I’ve been quite the grump lately. Honestly, I don’t know how Mike puts up with me sometimes. I complain a lot, about everything, and this no sugar malarkey has been another reason for me to complain!

I’ll get back on the horse tomorrow and see this challenge through to the end. Only two more weeks to go.

***Apologies now if this blog is littered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar, I’m extremely tired and have drifted off to sleep several times while writing it..


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