Three Days Sugar Free (plus moaning)

Grrr. I am not happy. I feel like crap, I think I’ve got some kind of stomach bug, my stomach feels like a washing machine. I’m trying not to puke. This is not how I envisaged week one of no sugar month.

From a positive point of view, I’ve managed to make it to day three, which I count as a bit of a milestone. When quitting things (mainly smoking) you normally hear about how the first three days are the worst, and how slowly but surely it gets a little easier after that.

I’m tired, cranky and really not feeling my best, but I’ve made it to day three! Go me! I don’t think the way I’m feeling has much to do with quitting sugar, more of an unfortunate coincidence that I seem to have caught this bug than it having anything to do with giving up the sweet stuff.

To try to take my mind off how utterly terrible I’m feeling, and before I turn in for the night (it’s only 9pm) I’ve taken it upon myself to summarise the first three days on my no sugar challenge:

Day One 

It actually wasn’t that difficult to get through the day without sugar. I felt really supported, what with at least two of my colleagues joining in, along with my Mum who is also doing the challenge to support me (thanks Mum!), I felt like I had plenty of people to fall back on who would tell me not to eat that biscuit or cake if I suddenly became extremely weak in the first few hours of the challenge. Lunch time rolled round and we all started talking about what we had brought in to eat. I had my trusty vegetable soup, can’t go wrong with vegetable soup right? WRONG!

There is so much sugar in vegetable soup, I’d have to make my own to be sure it definitely had no sugar in it. I know I said I wouldn’t read the labels on food and be all obsessive, but this was day one, I couldn’t fail on day one! So I went out and bought myself some far healthier low sugar food (it involved a lot of houmous).

Day Two

I was much better prepared for day two, but also faced the difficulty of working from home in the afternoon and trying to avoid all the distractions in the house (the multipack of sweet popcorn in the cupboard being one of them). But before I could go home I had to stay and listen to some of my work colleagues tell me that it was a terrible idea and I would never be able to do it. Apparently they were joking. Oh and a popped in a 10k run for good measure. Take that low energy! Pow!

Day Three (today)

Really not good. Really not good at all. Let’s put aside the fact that I feel extremely shit today, I woke up all sweaty and didn’t manage much sleep last night and any sleep I did have involved horrible dreams. Today at work I could not stop thinking about sugar. My appetite is all over the place (hungry but feeling sick) and I have a very short fuse. I feel like I could just snap any second. This must be sugar related surely? I know I’ve definitely had less than 10g of sugar in 3 days, so I must be getting some kind of withdrawal kickback. I’ve also had a headache all day.

As a result of feeling proper shitty I came straight home from work tonight instead of going to my college course on web design. I’m beating myself up over missing the class and feeling very guilty. Mike says I shouldn’t feel bad, but I just feel like I should have at least made the effort to go. I don’t want the teacher thinking I’m the sort of person to just throw a sicky, I’m genuinely feeling ill, but I have no way of telling him, I can’t even remember his name. I’ve emailed the college, hopefully they will get a message to him, I don’t want to fall behind in the class just because I feel ill.

I feel like I should sleep now. Hopefully this is just one of those 24 hour things, and I’ll wake up tomorrow all bright and breezy, ready to take on no sugar challenge day 4! Urgh…


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