Sugar update and pre-thirties doom.

Sugar stuff

Moving on from last week, I’ve roped a few people at work into my no sugar for a month challenge, this should help me stay in check at work. Work is THE WORST place for sugar; there are always cookies and cakes available, and although they offer fruit I never seem to eat it because I’m too busy eating all the cookies! So hopefully having the people I sit next to also on a quitting sugar challenge should encourage me to be more conscious about what I’m eating.

As I said previously, I’m going to be doing obvious sugars. These are all the sweet treats you typically think of plus things you just know have sugar in such as sugary drinks. I’ve decided not to be obsessive about it by reading food labels, I think for this experiment that’d be taking it too far, however that shouldn’t stop me from making an effort. This is going to be a bit of a battle with my conscience.

The start date for my no sugar challenge has now moved to 27th March, that’s next Monday! Aaah!! So if I remember to blog next week as planned then I’ll be two days in to my no sugar challenge and probably feeling the early effects of tiredness and general irritation, if what other people have told me is anything to go by. Apologies in advance for any blog rants which surface as a consequence. My challenge will be finishing just in time for my 30th birthday, where there will be plenty of cake and sweet stuff! I am hoping for some kind of revelation though that perhaps I don’t need/want sugar as much as I think I do! And maybe, just maybe no need for quite so much sugar at my birthday celebrations. There’s no sugar in wine right?

Birthday worries 

Rather unusually for me I’ve pushed my birthday to the back of my mind and list of priorities .Turning 30 kinda scares me, even though I know I’ll be fine, I’ll go from one day to the next with no noticeable changes. But it is a big deal for me.

Ok, going to admit something a bit weird here: I’ve always wanted to be 30! Ever since age became something I’ve talked about, being 30 has been the age I wanted to be, I can’t explain why.

As a kid I remember wanting to be exactly like my mum, she was in her 30s, working in an office, that’s all I knew and all I needed to know. She was awesome (still is btw) and I wanted to be her.

As I got older I always seemed to get on with people older than me, my friends from work, my husband, his friends. It always seemed like a cool age to be, when you’ve got everything you want and you’ve got it all sorted-it happens in your 30s right?

Except it all happened in my 20s. I got married, bought a house, developed a career (sort of, which I’ve left now anyway) and had a baby in my 20s. So what’s going to happen in my 30s? Bad things? Maybe that’s what I’m scared of.

Or maybe I’ll have more babies, maybe we’ll move house, maybe I’ll get my new career off the ground. There really isn’t anything to be worried about, just things to look forward to.

I just need to take my Aunty Teresa as an example. She is in her early sixties (sorry for mentioning that Teresa) and she is loving life. She’s having a great time doing things she didn’t get a chance to do before retiring, helping people by volunteering and having a really good time while doing it.

Something tells me I’ve got nothing to worry about at all.


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