One Month – No Sugar – Challenge Accepted!

Carrying on with my theme of making tough decisions (my last post was about giving up some of my much loved to shows) I’ve started looking into giving up sugar, particularly how difficult it would be and thinking about whether I’m up to such a challenge. I already know that this is going to be so difficult; I take two sugars in my tea, and I love a caramel latte, put it this way- if it’s got sugar in it I’m all over it. My normal ‘go to’ sweet treats are biscuits (can demolish a packet with very little difficulty), cakes, doughnuts, the occasional fizzy drink. Man, this is going to be torture.

There’s been a lot in the news lately about sugar and the risks they come with, but it’s nothing new, we’ve known about it for ages and some of us (me) choose to ignore it and live in an ignorant bliss.

Having a child has kinda changed things for me, I’m always questioning whether Leo has had too much sugar. He does have too much sugar, way too much, I should check more- but I feel like I should probably change my own habits first before trying to change Leo’s.

Before I commit to this properly I’m going to do some research and set some rules. I’m NOT (like some others have done) going to go cold turkey, it’s just going to wind me up and I’ll end up hitting the sugar harder than I am now. Instead I will make a plan and ease into this gently. 

  1. Start off aiming for one month sugar free. Just one month. And as a caveat to that it won’t be completely sugar free. There is sugar in everything these days and you need to study all the food labels on everything you buy at the supermarket to make sure you are completely sugar free. So instead I’m going to…
  2. Only cut out ‘obvious sugars’. So things that I know 100% have some sugar in and things that I wouldn’t need to read the label of. So no more cakes, biscuits, doughnuts, cakes (did I say cakes already?), sweet desserts etc.
  3. Sticking with fruit. There is sugar in fruit, grapes for example are packed with sugar. However for the sake of my sanity, particularly if this is just for a month, I’m keeping the fruit firmly in my diet.
  4. Sticking with sweeteners.  Earlier I mentioned I have two sugars in my tea, this is actually not true, I have two sweeteners in my tea. Sweeteners are artificial, although you can get natural ones. I’ll need to keep them in for now, it’s either that or say good bye to tea for a month, and that’s not really a challenge I’m up for yet.
  5. There may be more rules but my goal remains the same. I haven’t sat down and fully planned this out. I’ve not done much research, so I might find along the way that there are some more rules that I need to add, I may not. But I need to remember that my goal will be the same: no ‘obvious sugars’ for a whole month.

So, my little experiment needs a start date. This test is purely for me, a challenge to see if I can really do this, who knows where it will go after that, or if I will even see it through. But I’ve got to try.

April 1st is the date that I have chosen. (Ahh it’s out there now!)

I’m going to be so tempted all the time, especially as Leo’s favourite food seems to be chocolate cake. I’m going to try to do a weekly update on here on how it’s going, how I’m feeling and changes I’ve noticed- good and bad.

I’m not doing this to lose weight, but I’m hoping that I will notice some kind of difference.

So while I finish off my caramel latte (worth about 12 spoons, probably table spoons, of sugar) I’m contemplating whether or not I should actually publish this post, so it’s actually out there.

I’m going to need a lot of luck with this one. Oh sod it.


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