Anger post alert..

I’ve not blogged in a while, and this one is going to be so off topic for me, but something has really riled me today. 

Racism, xenophobia, social media. They really don’t mix well do they? What do you do when you are happily scrolling through your facebook wall and someone you know, shares an extremely racist and xenophobic post? 

Honestly, what do you do? What would you say to them next time you see them? In my case it would seem nothing, mainly because I hate, no, FEAR confrontation. It’s strange because even now I’m as bad as them, hiding behind a blog because I’m too scared to speak out.

But it’s everywhere, it’s thrust into our faces everyday. People sharing absolute bollocks on facebook because they’ve got some kind of over the top ‘back in my day’ nostalgia crap going on. Times are changing, have changed. Wake up. 

I want to go through all the posts they share and pick them apart, but really it’s not worth it. Most of it made up crap about how muslims are evil and they are coming over here raping our kids and tearing our country to pieces. About how our pensioners don’t get respect any more and that is apparently down to ‘all the muslims’. You know what? In a way they are right, SOME pensioners don’t get my respect anymore, some never did. It’s not because of ‘all the muslims’ it’s because some pensioners have these awful views of people too. People. That’s what they are, that’s all they are, I hate the fact that even now as I type, I’m using terms like ‘them’ and ‘they’ like I’m somehow different. I’m no different, I’m a person too. 

 I hate the thought that my son, that anyone’s kids, are going to grow up around this lack of human decency. It’s bullying via facebook. It’s disgusting. It’s language I never want my son to hear or learn. I see posts like it all the time and normally scroll past them, but there are some that catch my eye, that I just cannot ignore. The particular post I’m talking about is someone making statements like “I am a racist because I think that an ideology that promotes violence and hatred is wrong. That in an ever increasing number of towns and cities there are more mosques than bus stops”. First off are you freaking kidding me? Someone’s having me on here right? ALWAYS CHECK YOUR FACTS. Do you even know anything about the Muslim faith? Further more you have clearly never been to London, there’s like a gazillion bus stops. Joking aside, this is facebook at its worst; pulling in all those who probably don’t consider themselves racist at all, they will probably tell you that they ‘have a black friend’ like that’s any kind of defence. The kind of people who start a sentence with “I’m not racist but…” The kind of people who hark back to a time when Britain was Britain. Blah blah blah. We have been hearing all this shit for ages, and you know what? It makes me angry. 

People are never happy with what they’ve got, always have to complain about something. We’ve got it pretty kushty here. We are an amazing country, able to offer people from other countries amazing opportunities, a stab at some kind of life, or sometimes just a shelter, a safe place. I’m glad we do this, I’m proud we do this. There are some truly awful, terrible cults out there. 

Not religions; cults. 

You are truly mistaken, and incredibly ignorant if you believe that the problems with our country are because of Muslim people. Take a look closer to home, take a look at our government. Take a look at yourself. Next time you are about to share one of these horrible posts, think, do some research. 

I’m not really sure where I go from here. Unfriend people? That’s a silly threat really, I get on with them most of the time. Just don’t talk about it? Isn’t that what us British do? 

My blog has always been my outlet, at least people know my feelings now, and given that this is being shared on Facebook, well it’s out there isn’t it.. 

Maybe Facebook could do us all a favour and create an ‘unshare’ button. Hey, it’s a start.

S x


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