G N R.

I may have mentioned this already, but on Sunday 13th September I am taking part in The Great North Run. In a recent advert for the event, the BBC has described it as the greatest half marathon ever. I’m scared.

On the 1st of January 2015, I, like countless others around the world made a new year’s resolution, although unlike other years, I actually seem to be sticking to it. I much prefer my Dad’s resolution I remember him making when we were kids; never to make another resolution again!

Back in January I assumed that by now, September, I would have shifted all of my baby weight plus an extra two stone. I’d fit in size 10-12 clothes and be super fit, after all the training I’d be doing I was bound to get fit quick…right?

The weight hasn’t dropped off, the majority of the baby weight has gone aside from my flabby tum (sorry fellas) which is striped with stretch marks. But this blog isn’t about self-hating. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come.

I’ve had the odd day, week, month where I’ve just not wanted to run, where Mike has physically had to push me out the door to go. And sometimes I didn’t go. Sometimes I cried. Training on your own (which is what I’ve pretty much insisted on) can be lonely. The mind wanders, and if you are like me, you start to wonder what other people are thinking. It’s all about the mind. Whilst out running last week I planned a full re-fit of my house (never gonna happen), planned the first week of outfits to wear in my new job, and a full itinerary of things we can do with Leo for our annual trip to Centerparcs this December. Whilst planning, I wasn’t thinking about how sweaty I was, I wasn’t thinking how numb my legs were, how much my back killed, or my throbbing toes, I was, as they say, in the zone.

This has helped me to realise that I have developed something…stamina. Yes I can run for 10 miles, something I never thought I’d be able to say. It’s one of the most difficult physical things I’ll ever do (aside from child-birth, gimme 10 miles any day) and now I’m facing even further. As I get nearer to Sunday 13th September and that 13.1 miles, I do so with hope, anxiousness and excitement.

I’m overwhelmed by the sponsorship I’ve had. This was actually a free ballot place, but I’m a big fan of the MS Society, and with it being such a nasty illness affecting both my family and my husband’s family, it just felt right. I set a target of £150, and as I type this, I’m up to £190. I’m so proud of and thankful to my friends and family for their generosity and their support.

The person who has helped me the most through this is without a doubt Mike; my amazingly supportive husband. He knows what this means to me, he knows just how important it is for me to achieve this. Mike was exactly the same with the 5K runs though; it doesn’t matter the distance, he knows I’m training to achieve something and sticks by me and supports me, and makes me go out for a run when it’s cold, when its getting dark or when I’d just rather eat chocolate. He always tells me to think about how I’m going to feel after, and he always congratulates me when I get home, even if I just did 1k.

I’ve got this vision of finishing, despite not knowing what it’s going to look like. I’m imagining getting to the finish line and seeing my awesome husband and my amazing little boy waiting for me and getting a big hug from both of them. I’m so happy that my mum will be there too, as she has supported me through everything in my life, and always been there, it would be weird if she wasn’t there for this.

So, perhaps on Monday when I am recovering (milking this for all its worth by the way) I will do a short update to see how I’ve done. One thing I know for sure…I’m taking the winter off!



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