I’m feeling inspired so bear with, or is it bare with? I never know. I haven’t blogged since 1st November 2013, 4 days before I found out I was pregnant. My post was about getting ready for the Mo-vember run, which I ended up not doing, but luckily my big bro did run it so I still got to attend the event and cheer people on.

Now with 6 weeks to go until my due date, so much has happened that I would not have believed it if I had been told all that would happen in the space of 7 months.

*Disclaimer, this isn’t meant to be a gloating post, so sorry if it comes across like that. It’s not how it’s intended.

I’m a homeowner now – I jointly own a home with Mike. We have our OWN house. No matter how many times I say it, it still doesn’t quite go in! The first of 25 years of mortgage payments comes out of the bank next week. That’s when I will start to feel really grown up.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the baby, which I’ve briefly mentioned. So after 5 years of trying for a baby (on and off) and getting to the point where we were seriously looking into other options (me going on medication, IVF etc) I found out I was pregnant on 5th November 2013, about 3 hours before we were due to go and see a bonfire and fireworks display.

Best display I have ever seen. Not necessarily because of the fireworks themselves, but what they represented for me and Mike at that time. We were both feeling the same, this incredible numbness, a disbelief  – we repeated to each other “We’re going to be parents!” and “I’m going to be a mum, you’re going to be a dad” several times that evening.

Of course we told our immediate families straight away, we couldn’t go without telling them – they all knew what a struggle it had been for us up to that point and there is no way we could have kept it a secret.

I’m now humongous and 1 week away from maternity leave. I’m still pinching myself. I’ve actually woken up in the night a few times, and felt my tummy to make sure there actually is a bump there and the whole thing hasn’t been some crazy dream.

So we have now moved into a new house which was pretty much ready to just move into, and by that I mean no decoration needed and no need to spend money on it straight away. The plan was to move in, make sure baby’s room is ready and then get any re-decorating done a bit further down the line. However within 4 weeks we have bought A LOT for the house – well not loads, but things like a new fridge, rug for the living room, side tables etc. Mike has started painting the kitchen and we have plans to sand down the doors to get rid of the glossy look and make them look a little more rustic. Mike has also been making the most of the garden, and with the help of his dad they have made it look amazing. Seriously, if you saw that garden when we moved in – and for anyone who helped us move, you need to see this garden now, its like a different place entirely.

Mojo the cat hasn’t coped well with the upheaval, and if I’m honest I am a little worried about how he is going to cope when my attention is 100% on baby – he still believes he is a kitten and wants to play with everyone and everything.

The biggest thing absent from my life since my last post ironically enough is running. My last post was all about how I was building up to a 10K race, and I had plans in my head to sign up to the 2014 Robin Hood half marathon. Just think..I could be training for that now, maybe next year? Seriously though, I really have missed running. We drive past runners out on a jog in the early morning, or on a lovely summers day (we’ve had a few of those recently) and I get this pang of jealousy. Where did that come from? I really do miss it. I miss Saturday morning park runs and I miss training for an event or even just the next milestone. I miss coming home having  just run an extra 10 minutes than the night before. But all this is good, missing it means I’m dedicated and still want to do it and once it is safe to do so I will be out running again after baby is born.

So now its just a waiting game for us. Our lives have changed so much in the last few months, and they are about to change a whole lot more, but I think we are ready for it.




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