An excuse to post a bunch of links to music videos…

I’ve been on a few running blogs recently – many by women in a similar position to me, who have taken up running originally as a way to lose weight, but then ended up loving it. Quite a few have their favourite songs to run to listed on their blogs.
I’ve had to do a lot of research (Googling) into getting the right songs as its all about the beats per minute (bpm). I found what my average good bpm to run to is, and then went about searching for any songs which met my only criterion. I found quite a few really cheesy songs, which are actually great for running to, but my favourite song to run to is this one:

Another good but weird one to run to is:

Then there’s this one – not a song I would normally like, and luckily I don’t have to watch the video when I run as it is just awful, but the song itself is really good to run to, especially at the start of a run when I have no energy:

And finally – this one is really good to run to:


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