Running ups and downs

I’m glad I didn’t get a chance to blog on Friday evening. Those who saw my running attempt on Friday on Endomondo will have also seen my angry ‘I will blog about this!!’ comment. I will blog about it, just not in a self loathing, feeling sorry for myself, angry kinda way. Instead it will be far more positive. I have other running news, so lets take this back to last week Saturday, 31st August.

Last weekend was the first of my 2 sponsored 5K runs; the colour 5K. I think the only reason I was so nervous is because I had raised £170 for a charity close to my family and I didn’t want to let anyone down. It was also the first time my family had seen me run properly – I’ve done 5K fun runs before, but none where I had actually run for the whole thing and not stopped and walked, so this was kinda a big deal.
The colour 5K isn’t really intended for hardcore runners, its more for a bit of a laugh with your mates. You get paint thrown on you at every 1K marker and at the end there is a ‘colour explosion’ where we all throw paint up in the air, for it to only come back down and cover us all.
I was pleased that my mum, brother, mother in law and hubby all came out to cheer me on, and I understood why dad couldn’t make it. It was on a farm and really would have been too difficult for him in his wheelchair!
We got there early and stood around for a bit listening to the silly announcer man who if you shut your eyes and listened, sounded like Bradley Walsh off of the telly. Eventually came the warm up. Why do they insist on doing these warm ups at these events? Do the organisers think that 300 runners are going to attend a 5K and not warm up?? Grrr.
I decided to just go with it, with my family behind me watching me take part in the hideous warm up! Finally the warm up finished and we made our way to the start line. I think I was the only one there running on my own. There were lots of gaggles of women around, who I’d say probably weren’t serious runners and were just giving it a go, but I kinda liked having them there – even if they were incredibly annoying when they decided to stop running and start walking right in front of me.
One thing I’ve noticed when running at these events, once you have a good rhythm going, it is very difficult to over take someone.
The race went well, I didn’t time myself but luckily Mike did and he timed it as 36:44 which was a pb for me so I was pleased.

This week was going to be ace. I was going to train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and my 5K run on Sunday. It didn’t exactly go according to plan.
Monday I went out, had a good 4K run, great. Wednesday I was in agony, feet and legs still throbbing from Monday so gave it a miss, promising myself that Friday would be different. Friday arrived. So did my new running socks and sports bra (sorry any chaps reading, too much info). I had also purchased some new earphones. I was ready to go. I decided to wear a top I used to wear running last year, it was long sleeved and thin. I’d always worn it under something before like a t-shirt so it was always tucked in.

I set off on my run. I think I managed around 1.5K before I gave up. Pretty much from the start I was uncomfortable. My trousers felt loose, my top kept riding up and exposing my belly, I was hot, my earphones were misbehaving and I’d had enough. 10 minutes and I had stopped.
I walked home feeling crap. I felt fat and horrible. All I could think about was getting home and writing a really moany blog about how shit everything is. I’m so glad I didn’t get the chance.
I came home and opened my laptop, still wearing my uncomfortable gear. I logged onto WordPress, then Mike walked through the front door. He’d just got home from work, he said “Shall we go out for dinner tonight, we don’t get to do that much do we?”. I shut my laptop and forgot about the blog.

After a bit of deciding we settled on our favourite pub, The Traveller’s Rest. The service was slow, but the food (and drink) was good!
I felt better, I’d forgotten about how crappy I felt earlier as Mike continued to cheer me up at dinner.

On Saturday (yesterday) I volunteered at Park run. It was really good – so lovely to see all the runners who had pushed themselves around the 5K route. The first guy came through at 16:59! That’s over half my speed!

Finally, today was my second sponsored run. Richard Whitehead, paralympic medalist, is doing something crazy like 40 marathons in 40 days. He took a 100 mile detour from his route to come back to his home town of Nottingham and put on a 5K run.
I wasn’t feeling my best before the race, having stuffed my face with sweets and fizzy pop last night. Then came that dreadful warm up again. I tried to get involved, but drew the line when the work out turned into a Gangnam Style dance routine!
We all headed to the start line. Deja vu set in, I was on my own again. Richard Whitehead and Rebecca Adlington started the race, and we were off! This was it, I set the timer on my watch and off I went. I kept my breathing and pacing on track. 1,2,3,4 – 1,2,3,4.
As we approached the 4K mark I glanced down at my watch: 28 minutes. Could I do this in 30? Bearing in mind the best 1K I’ve ever done has been 6 or so minutes – this didn’t seem like an option, but I was going for it anyway.
Just behind me was a mother and daughter running together. The mother was really spurring her daughter along, “come on Anna, you can do it” she was shouting. For the sake of 1K, I pretended I was Anna and lapped up the encouragement. I was sprinting – I think. The finish line was in sight, my watch said 30 mins; damn, I missed half an hour but was still doing better than I’d ever done before.
I was running so fast, I kept going, the last few metres. I looked up and saw Mike at the finish line, then I saw my time, 32:01. A new PB! I’d knocked over 4 mins off my best time! I was so pleased.

A lot of people have sponsored me and supported me and really helped me through this. I needed to do these 5Ks for me, it was great that I could raise money for a good cause at the same time but these were my 5Ks. They were a way of proving to myself that even though I’m a few stone overweight I’m working on it. With every pound I’m losing and event I’m taking part in I’m getting closer to the person I want to be, and getting closer to Sammie.



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