bad trainers + running = blisters and ouch

I don’t think I’ve felt this angry in a while. Today I set out to do a practice 5K round the park, I only managed just over 2k. Why? Well for that I need to go back a few weeks.
It was just after pay day at the end of July/start of August when I decided it was time to treat myself and buy some new running trainers. A friend had mentioned to me that it was worth going to a running shop and having them fitted – I’ve heard other runners talk about this before and personally I didn’t really fancy it. I’d read that you get asked to run around and they look at your running style – I did NOT want to do that.
I thought I knew what running style I have and could decide for myself what feels more comfortable.
I went to Decathlon – a big sports store out near IKEA. I chose my trainers pretty much straight away – drawn to them because they were on sale for £25 reduced from 40 something..
I ended up buying a size 8, which is actually a size bigger but they just felt right, and much better than the 7s I had tried on.
Great, got the shoes! My next run was going to be with my brother at his local park run at Bedfont Lakes.
At the run, Ally shot off ahead of me (I wasn’t expecting him to stay and hold my hand) and I worked on my pacing, telling myself its a practice run and not worrying about my time. I finished the run a minute faster than my previous 5k park run, so I was pleased, but my happiness was being dampened by the throbbing pain on my foot.
When I got back to mum and dad’s house, I took of my brand new trainers and sure enough there was a big red blister. Ouch.
Fast forward to Tuesday of this week. I decided to go for a run around Colwick Park. So I got up early, dropped Mike off at work and headed to the park.
I was listening to a podcast for ‘graduates’ of the Couch 2 5K programme- I had listened to it before and I knew it should take me to 5K or near enough. This podcast focused on stamina and running at different speeds. About half way round I started to feel that same throbbing on my foot, I hoped that it wouldn’t be another blister, but every time my foot slammed against the ground I felt a stinging pain. I told myself I was going to finish and run to the end of the podcast. The podcast ended at 4.44K – I was ok with that. I got home, took off my new trainers and socks and stared at the blister – it was bigger than the previous one. By this point I still hadn’t twigged that it was my trainers causing the damage. I thought I was running wrong, maybe my foot was hitting the ground in the wrong place, or maybe it was the longer distances I was doing.
I put my feet into a lovely warm foot spa and relaxed. Afterwards I put on a blister plaster, one of those plasters which provides extra cushioning. By the next day I had completely forgotten about it – I couldn’t feel any pain in my foot when I walked on it – these blister plasters are great!
So onto this morning. I got up at 8am, I was going to do this today.
I stayed up late last night (late for me is midnight) working on a playlist. Whilst I’ve loved the C25K pod casts, I think I’m ready for something different. One thing I loved about C25K was the cheesy pop music, sometimes I really hated the song, but they always kept me going. So I was on the lookout for some pop… I googled ‘running music for 158 bpm’ and found a blog someone had written with over 200 songs listed by bpm.
I opened up spotify and downloaded all the songs I could find onto my phone. My playlst was ready.
I arrived at the park this morning. I was happy, I couldn’t feel my blister at all and had assumed it had miraculously healed in two days. I left the super plaster on anyway just in case.
I headed from my car to the official start of the 5K. This is the same park I come to do the park run on a Saturday, and I wanted to start in the right place, so my warm up walk took a fair while but I still couldn’t feel the blister – I was convinced it was gone.
The first song in my playlist came on – B.O.B with Rivers Cuomo – Magic, a fun pop song to get started. It’s got solid beat throughout, which I latched onto pretty quickly. A woman who looked a similar size to me ran past and I over took her – I was on fire!
There were a couple of songs on the playlist which I will be removing – one being Kylie Minogue’s All The Lovers which was too slow and messed up my timing loads. A few songs ticked by and I got to just past 2K, my foot started to hurt. I tried so hard to push past the pain, I tried putting more pressure on the other side of my foot when it hit the ground, but it was no use, it was stinging like hell.
I approached a hill. For the record, I just want to state that it wasn’t really a hill, more like a mound and something I wouldn’t normally and have never had a problem with running up. The sun was beating down, there were stones in my shoes, and I had a blister which felt like it was at bursting point and I was running up a hill..ok…mound. I had to stop – I knew it.
I stopped at the top of the hill and sat on a bench. I turned off my music and my running tracker and tugged out my earphones. I took off my glasses and placed them on the bench next to me. Agony.
I carefully took off my trainer and then peeled back my sock. My super duper blister plaster which was so brilliant it had made me think my blister had gone, was screwed up in a ball inside my sock. It wasn’t protecting the blister at all. The blister itself looked pretty gross.
I headed back to my car, shoulders slumped and feeling angry, really angry at myself.
Then it dawned on me that it must be the trainers. How could I be so stupid? Why didn’t I go to a different shop, or at least ask one of the staff at Decathlon for some help? I just didn’t want the embarrassment of someone looking at me and how I run. I guess there must be some deep routed image problem here, which on that day in Decathlon prevented me from getting some help for choosing trainers.
I’m now stuck with these trainers which I can’t wear. Luckily I kept my old ones – even though they are falling apart they have NEVER given me a blister, they will just have to do for now.
And that’s the story of my trainers giving me blisters. Hurrah.



2 thoughts on “bad trainers + running = blisters and ouch”

  1. Right. First things first – don’t despair about the trainers. I had my fitting and bought my new trainers and they gave me blisters. And again. And again.

    So instead of ditching the trainers, I bought some proper running socks. Go out and get yourself some proper cushioned running socks and try those.

    Blisters – put a compeed plaster on it and see how that goes.

    You are doing amazingly well and those new shoes may still be fine but you need proper socks too. If the shoes aren’t good for running, you’ll be able to use them for walking.

    Then save up for a proper, fitted, pair of running shoes.

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