Getting words out of my system

Ugh, I feel crap. Had the past 2 days off work with either a) some sort of tummy bug or b) something I ate which really didn’t agree with me and wanted to prove how much it didn’t like me by making my stomach feel like a washing machine on a spin cycle!

Saying that, the last couple of hours I have been feeling a little better – when I’m off sick from work I normally watch heck loads of telly, I made a conscious effort not to today. Instead, there was a lot of lying down on bed and sofa, and a lot of Youtube video watching to try and cheer me up.

Anyway, enough with my moaning. I haven’t done a blog in ages – I think maybe since before Christmas? Probably because January is the shittiest month ever, everyone around you is depressed about coming back to work after Christmas – or they have just quit their new year’s resolution after about 20 minutes. January does suck. I feel sorry for my sister – her birthday is in January, mind you its right at the end of January so it might actually be sweet to have a birthday then – “See ya January – sucker!”.

The running has almost stopped – not because we wanted to,  mainly its January’s fault for coming along and snowing for practically a fortnight. We aren’t that confident at running yet that we would go out in the snow –  we’ve only done one rain run and that was awful – truly awful. I recently had a week off work to go to London and help mum out around the house whilst she was recovering from her operation, I managed to fit a run in then. The plan was to start it up again, but it just hasn’t happened and now I’m feeling crap and guess what, its effing snowing again – plus all I can think of is having a take away, I hate it when thoughts of take away pop into my head. I normally first think about take away at 4ish, an hour before finishing work when the whole ‘what shall I cook for dinner’ thing starts off. If I’d had a particularly bad day, I might even start thinking about takeaway at lunch time – that’s dangerous!

And now, because I’ve mentioned the words take away 4 times (now that’s 5) I am just going to have to suggest it to Mike when he get’s home from work. Maybe, when he says “any ideas for dinner”, I can just say “look at my blog”. Hmm, this is now going to be really weird if this does happen, as he will be reading this bit now. Ahh well, it’ll make him laugh, or he’ll pull a ‘Mike Face’  –  which is almost like a ‘Mum face’ but a bit funnier – uh oh, if he’s still reading then he definitely won’t like that bit, I should stop.

It’s Valentines day tomorrow. I don’t get Valentines day, I normally just remember it as my nan’s birthday, I remember thinking it was amazing that her birthday was on Valentines day. Very fitting actually as she was one of the most loving people you could ever meet, well to her family anyway, I’m sure she didn’t just go up to random strangers and tell them she loved them, I dunno, maybe she did. Mum will know, and Mum is reading this too – Mum – was nan like that?

Anyway, oh yeah, Valentines. I really wanted to make a big deal about Valentines this year (Mike, pay attention). Normally we don’t bother, we tell each other how much we love one another every day anyway, but I have to admit, I love the cheesyness of it. Sort of a guilty pleasure – like watching ‘Take Me Out’ on ITV when you think no-ones looking (there normally is someone looking, it’s Mike).

Maybe I’ll come home from work and cook a nice dinner, or maybe we’ll go out for a meal. Nah, don’t fancy going out – too many people, starting to go off the idea of Valentines day now. Maybe just a card each and watching a film together at home will suffice. That’s no different from most days though, its just that we would have swapped cards. Hmm. I’m now at a point where I have, in the space of 2 paragraphs, managed to talk myself out of doing Valentines day. Wasn’t expecting that.

If its mid February now (which it sort of is), it means its not long til the next holiday. We have hi-jacked Mum and Dad’s holiday, and are going to Barcelona in April. I’m really looking forward to going abroad, it will be the first time we’ve been out of the country together since our Honeymoon, which we have mutually agreed wasn’t our best holiday. Barcelona will be great though. Dad has got his planning hat on and has researched loads of interesting places. As long as I get my one day – or even half a day at the beach I will be happy. I know there is a beach there, I looked at a map! That makes me sound really stupid, geography was never my strong point, stop digging and move on Sammie.

I think that’s all actually. This was just one of those posts where I needed to go “blaaaaaaahhh” and get lots of words out of my system and onto here. Mike will be home soon, and then he will read my blog, and that will be funny.



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