Bye-Bye Christmas, Hello Salad

Christmas is finished for another year. I know for many its still Christmas time but I think I’m all Christmassed out now.  Its been a lovely week, starting on Monday which was very quiet at work, then straight down to London to spend Christmas day with the Orrs. After that it was up early on Boxing day for us and the drive over to Littleport to spend the day with Mama-in-Law and Mick. Finally on Thursday it was up early for us again for the drive home. Mike had to work on Thursday and Friday and I had to get my car fixed. I also got to spend a couple of days in the new house on my own, unpacking boxes and making the place look lovely.

With all this Christmas business, I’ve just completely stopped watching what I eat and we haven’t been running in at least 3 weeks. I miss running. Some friends of mine got me some running gear for Christmas and it made me really happy. A couple of years ago that would have been the worst Christmas present ever for me, but I absolutely love it and can’t wait to wear my new kit. I just need to run. I think we will go out and run today.

I’ve also not been eating particularly well, and I’ve put on about 4 lbs. I’m going shopping today, so I’m going to plan some meals before I go and try to have a healthy week.

I’ve never really enjoyed New Year, well not since the year 2000 anyway. Every year, mum and dad would let us stay up until midnight, we would watch the fireworks on the telly and have a glass of champagne. As a kid, that was about it for me, staying up until midnight was difficult enough, so I was always ready for bed. But the year 2000 was different for me, I was 13 years old and I don’t know what I expected to happen but I thought for the Millennium it was going to be more than ‘Happy New Year’, glass of  champagne then bed. That was pretty much it, oh and we lit some candles as well. I remember my next door neighbour was round for a sleep over. We had been told to go to bed and we could hear everyone outside my window having parties in the new year whilst we had to go to bed. I remember thinking it was really unfair, mind you, when you are a 13 year old girl you think most things are really unfair.

This isn’t about me being bitter about that day, I just have never really felt like celebrating New Year since then. So me and Mike will be sat in our jim jams, waiting for the fireworks on the telly, might get a couple of drinks in and eat some chocolate. New Years day is something to look forward to, having a slap up 3 course meal with papa-in-law, very much looking forward to that.

To keep it positive:

  • Barcelona in 99 days
  • Sister-in-law’s fab wedding next year
  • We’ve booked our next Centerparcs holiday already and this time going with Mama and Papa, Mama-in-law, Mick and Ally, its going to be AMAZING
  • I’ve still got 8 days annual leave to take before end of March, I don’t want to carry any over to  next year so I plan to take a lovely week off sometime in the next couple of months.

A few things to be happy about then…

S x


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