Moving House

We did it! We finally moved house.

We got the keys on Friday 7th December, and with the help of Mama, Papa, Ally, Kirsty, Adam and Pops Ward we managed to get most of the stuff moved that weekend. It was a looooong weekend, and we were all very tired – but very thankful to Mama for baking some yummo cakes.

On the day we moved in we had a bit of a snidey comment from one of our neighbours. I was walking towards the house carrying one of the ten thousand boxes we had packed when he said “you’ll only be there 6 months!”, I replied “well, yes its a 6 month contract, but we are hoping it will be renewed and we’ll stay much longer” (we rented our last house for over 5 years!), his reply was “hmm, we’ll see”. Mum decided to go and ask him what he meant by his ‘6 months’ comment, and he explained to her that he had asked the landlady if he could rent the house but was told it would only be on a 6 monthly basis until her son returned to live here. That was a blow for us, not only had we just lugged our whole lives into this house, but its a beautiful house and I didn’t want to be thinking about moving out so soon.

We are now pretty much convinced that either a) this man is incredibly bitter or b) our landlady made up a story about her son coming back, because our lettings agent told us its a long let – so we’ll go with that thank you very much.

Anyway, enough with the doom and gloom of what might happen in 6 months – we have had the pleasure of my Mama Ward and Mick this weekend which has been fab. They’ve helped us no end with cleaning and trips to the tip. We really do have a lot of people to thank for helping us with this move.

With all this moving, I had forgotten how close Christmas is! I can’t believe it is so soon – I’m normally so excited about it by now but lately I just haven’t had the chance to think about it. I was very prepared and bought all the pressies in November. I’m starting to look forward to it now, well, apart from all the travelling but it will be worth it to see all the family.

Our annual trip to Centerparcs was this week and we had such a fab time, it was so lovely to just relax and chill out in between all the moving. We ate way too much (lots of running to be done next week) and spent way too much money but we really needed it and it was so much fun.

I know this post hasn’t been full of my thoughts and feelings as usual because there has been too much happening – maybe next time…




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