A Week Off

Well, a lot certainly happens with a week off work. I’ll start with last week Friday (23rd Nov).

I was at work, I was extremely anxious as we were waiting to hear back from a letting agency to find out if we had been accepted for a house we really wanted.  At work, Kath kept reassuring me and telling me to just ring them and in the end, at around lunch time I did. I didn’t get to speak to someone straight away, but after a few minutes of ringing back and missing each other I finally got through. I spoke to the letting agent who agreed there and then over the phone. I was so bloomin’ happy! I still am! Me and Mike are still waiting for the catch! Lets just say our house hunting attempts hadn’t exactly been the easiest up until this point so we really were waiting for something to go wrong, and as I sit in my living room surrounded by boxes with the last 5 years of our lives stuffed into them, I’m still worried that something is going to go wrong.

So, moving day is this weekend 8th and 9th of December. The bit I’m looking forward to most is going to the house this Friday at Lunch time to get the keys and go through the inventory with the letting agent. It will also be sweet when we get our £575 deposit back from this place, although that will be used to pay back parents, as without them we would certainly not be moving.

Other than all this moving malarky we have been on a mini holiday this week. We visited Mosscrag Guest House which is owned by my Auntie April and Uncle Mark (there’s a plug for you Mark). We had a fabulous couple of days, went on a couple of short walks, a day trip out to Keswick, lots of rain, and ate way too much but came home feeling fab and ready to start packing for the move.

I’m only back at work for a week, and then I’m off on holiday again, but this is our proper holiday to…yep you guessed it..Centerparcs!

I’m sooooo happy that this time of year has come round again, it’s been a long slog of a year but we got there.

I’ve got this lovely feeling that 2013 is going to be a brilliant year.

Finally, tonight we went for a run. Had to go back a couple of weeks on the podcast as its been nearly 2 weeks since our last run, but we knew this would happen when it got to this time of year. We are normally really busy around November/December time so it was expected, hence why when I stood on the
scales this morning I had gained 1.5lb but that’s a lot better than I expected with the complete lack of exercise and the way I have been eating recently.

Anyway, that’s all for me for now. Got some pulled pork cooking nicely in the slow cooker, TV ready to be watched and a hot bath later this evening before i’m back to the madness on Monday.




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