RIP Stanley

Evenin’ all…

Well, this week has been eventful. Work-wise it’s been a long week, I don’t go on about work that much on here because most of the time I would rather forget about it, but it has been a long and busy week. I’ve

Sung to the tune of “She’s so love-r-ly” by Scouting for girls:
“He’s called Stan-a-ley, he’s called Stan-a-ley, he’s called Stan-a-ley, he’s called Stan-a-leeeyyy”.

hardly stopped and was glad for the weekend – and pay day!

Another thing that happened this week was that our amazing little hamster; Stanley, died. We reckon he lasted about 3 years which is good going for a hamster and we will both miss him very much. I know he was ‘just’ a hamster, but to me he wasn’t, he was a part of our little family and I was very fond of him. We buried him at twenty to eleven on Thursday night, and actually left his cage until today to clear out. I’ve thrown all his things away which was a bit sad but needed to be done – definitely no more hamsters for us.

It was weigh day again today, and despite working extremely hard this week I still only lost half a pound – and that’s half a pound off the 2 pounds I put on last week! All though I’m going around telling people “I’ve lost around a stone”, I still haven’t actually lost a stone yet – I’ve been very close but still not quite done it. I’m going to work extra hard this week, today has been my treat day and maybe I have overdone it a tad, but that is it – no more bad stuff and lots of exercise for the next 6 days and hopefully this time next week my blog post will be a little happier.

On the plus side I’ve had a fab weekend, we managed to pack so much into yesterday. We went running, saw a film with friends (Skyfall, and it was rather ace), went to Wollaton Park for a walk, visited Brookfields Garden Centre (amazing place but dangerous for me) and today I’ve cleaned the house and got it looking  all tidy and cooked us a yummy roast dinner. Phew!

Finally, before I go just a couple of countdowns….

It is:

  • 162 days until I go to Barcelona with hubby and family
  • 58 days til Christmas (yep, just dropped the c-bomb in October)
  • 43 days until Centerparcs (the spa, the pancake house, the subtropical swimming paradise *dreams…*)
  • 29 days until we go and visit my Auntie April and Uncle Mark at their beautiful guest house in Glenridding – really looking forward to seeing them and the wonderful scenery again!

Night all. x


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