Stay Positive

My Family – They keep me going and keep me positive.

Trying to stay positive can be very difficult sometimes, I’ve been doing a lot of positive thinking lately and it can be tough. Its supposed to inspire you and motivate you to do better things but sometimes it just depresses you.

Running, now that does help. After a run (well a jog in my case) I can’t help but feel positive, its a natural emotion after a run to feel energised and lively and great. For about 10 minutes I forget about all my problems, all my plans I’ve never seen through, and I relax in that euphoric feeling of endorphins releasing around my body. Weird, but great.
I then ache for a day or so and do it all over again.

Despite all this running and healthy eating I seem to have stopped losing weight. Not completely, just not large amounts like I was a few weeks ago. I’m still steadily losing the weight, just kind of every other week. Some weeks I’ve put on a pound of two and others I’ve lost. That’s a bit of a de-motivator. All this hard work I’m putting my body through and I only lose a pound – or not even that sometimes. All that aside I’m still glad that I’m doing Weight Watchers online and will carry on doing so until I reach my goal. According to my online account, I have now lost 5% of my starting weight – still a long way to go though.

In other news I have a few exciting things coming up to look forward to..

  • I had a lot of annual leave to take, so I’ve booked a bunch of random days off to break my weeks up at work a bit- today being one of them. I also have this Friday off, and next Thursday, Friday and the following Monday – yippeee!
  • It is now only….89 days until Centerparcs. We are saving as much money as we can to make sure that we have no worries whilst we are there, and we have decided to take our bikes with us. So we’ll be doing lots of cycling and running (maybe in the snow!) on holiday this year.
  • Towards the end of the year we will be looking at houses again. Last month we tried and failed to move due to our pesky rental agreement! So we will be looking at that again in December.
  • Then there is Christmas of course – oh yes I’m getting excited already. Anyone who knows me will know this is perfectly normal. I’ll be back on form this year at Mum and Dad’s, doing a little present giving out (I’m known for my present giving out skills in the Orr household).
  • Early in the new year we will be in our new home wherever that is so will no doubt be planning a bit of a knees up.
  • At the beginning of April we will be jetting off to Barcelona with Mum, Dad and Bro -very excited about that.
  • And finally next year my beautiful Sister-In-Law will be getting married, which I am so excited about I could just burst.

In summary, it’s good to stay positive. So I will keep trying.



2 thoughts on “Stay Positive”

  1. That is a very positive blog. Weight loss is always hard but slow is better than fast for your body. You are a lovely person which is something very positive xx

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