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Why I hate snow..and other problems

Ahh snow. Wonderful fluffy amazing snow. Isn't it just great? It falls from the sky and looks so beautiful, kids for miles scream "Snow day!!" as they see the white drops floating from the sky. How fabulous, lets all go out and build snowmen and slide on our bums. Yippee! NO. I really really want… Continue reading Why I hate snow..and other problems

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February Legs

What have I been up to in February? Well if the last week was anything to go by you'd think it had been mainly running and cardio, however I've actually been making up for a lack of running at the start of February. In fact, in this month I've only managed to do a total… Continue reading February Legs


Eat. Sleep. RUN RUN RUN. Repeat.

I'm pleased to announce that Sam's 18 in 2018 has well and truly begun, with the first two events in the bag over the course of this weekend. I'm feeling a tad depressed/guilty about the fact that I seemed to spend most of my weekend away from my family, running mostly in muddy situations, but… Continue reading Eat. Sleep. RUN RUN RUN. Repeat.

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Sam’s Plans is planning

It's January, and in true Sam's Plans style, I've got some challenges ahead (mainly in my head) that I am really determined to achieve by 31st December. I mentioned in my last post about my 18 in 2018 idea, and I've started booking some events in. Just waiting for pay day now to book in… Continue reading Sam’s Plans is planning

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Don’t be a moron.

I'm now 3 weeks into my new eating/fitness plan and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I'm still trying to adjust to little things here and there, I think my mind has been a bit warped towards all the different diets I've tried in the past, so doing it this way has taken… Continue reading Don’t be a moron.